It is not an easy task to decide as which area an investor should choose for investing its hard earned money. Similar to conditions in other markets, real estate also fluctuates. All data & insight must be considered while analyzing the scenario. At the bigger prospect, the think which matters the most must be taken into account. Here we will provide you latest information for making it easy for you to decide where to invest. There must be reason for which you prefer one area over another with respect to investment. You must consider your access to the area where you are investing. One of my known people living in Abbottabad made investment in Sindh and resultantly they were unable to get to the place occasionally that led to control by other people. So to avoid happening of this thing to you, try to invest in a place that is easily accessible. For overseas Pakistani whose family lives in Faisalabad, it is not sensible to make investment in Murree. In case of foreign nationals desirous of investing in the Pakistan real estate, Murree is the vibrant rental & vacation location that is perfect for investment. Those who are relocating to the Pakistan or those who are moving permanently to other cities it is good to look at property rates in those cities. Here is the best portal for real estate info where we constantly analyze best areas for investment. These areas are based on popularity and their pricing trends. Investors are mostly interested in buying, so we have focused on this part. Have a look at the following locations with respect to houses and plots for sale.



Land in Karachi

Plots in the Gulistan e johar are good option. This area is at a closer distance to Karachi University & Safari park. Over last 3 months, this area showed increased growth of 15.7%. Similar growth has been seen in case of Gulshan-e-Iqbal that shows growth of 15.8% since last few months. This is the highest increase with respect to all of our following listings.


Houses in Karachi   

In case of houses rate of growth is higher in both these areas. Gulistan-e-johar houses rates have increased by 5.8& whereas that of Gulshan-e-Iqbal shows increase of 9.2% in rates.



Land in Lahore

In Lahore, it is the State life society located in south of Cant area & international airport. Since past few months there has been seen an increase of about 9.8% in the prices of land. Another important place to consider for investment is DHA 6 phase where since previous quarter prices have increased by 6.6%.
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3). Best Location Farmhouses Investment


Houses in Lahore

Popular area for houses in Lahore is that of Johar town but prices there show increase of just one percent. It is quite better than neighborhoods where prices have even decreased.



Land in Islamabad

In Islamabad, sector B-17 located in west of the Margalla hills has showed increase of 2.57% in prices since last 3 months. Phase 8 of Bahria Town shows 7% increase in prices.


Houses in Islamabad

Sector F 11 located in city center shows 2.6% increase in house prices as compared to last quarter.