Frequently asked questions on Naya Pakistan Housing Programme

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s initiative to provide 5 million affordable houses to the deserving in sparked great interest among Pakistanis residing all across the globe. According to official sources, over 600,000 forms were downloaded from different online sources, while the numbers are even higher when it comes to procuring forms from designated offices.

The application process for Naya Pakistan Housing Programme will be carried out till December 31, 2018. In the meanwhile, the task force has been formed to carry out the related research work and attend to concerned matters. Simultaneously, the search is also on to mark the appropriate sites for the homes in various cities. Blog and News will continue to cover all these developments for our readers, so stay tuned!

With the ongoing coverage of this project, a lot of you are coming up with relevant questions about the application and other details. This article attempts to clear these for you.

  1. Can overseas Pakistanis apply for Naya Pakistan Housing Programme?

Yes, in fact, many Pakistanis based in other parts of the world have already applied for it. The applicant has to meet the conditions set by the Government of Pakistan. These conditions are explained hereunder.

  1. Can those earning PKR 100,000 or more per month apply?

Yes, because the question inquiring about the gross family income includes the relevant option; “Above 100,000”. But there is a possibility that applicants belonging to the income tier above PKR 100,000 will only be accommodated in the later phases of the programme.

  1. Do I have to apply for a house in the same city I am currently residing in?

No, the form lets you choose your desired city.

  1. Can Federal or provincial employees also apply?

Yes, a specific quota has been reserved for government employees. The respective departments will be issuing directives on when and how to go about applying.

  1. If the income of a family member is lower than the total household income (that exceeds PKR 100,000), can he apply?

A family essentially means a husband, his wife and children; if you are unmarried, you will be counted as a member of your father’s family. Only one member per family can apply; regardless of your individual income.

  1. I live in Lahore, how can I apply for a house in Islamabad?

Yes, you can apply for a house built under Naya Pakistan Housing Programme in Islamabad if you are a resident of Lahore by filling the application and choosing Islamabad as your desired city.

  1. Can employees of private companies also apply for a house?

Employees of private companies are citizens of Pakistan, so they can definitely apply. Please note that there is no specific quota reserved for private sector employees.

  1. Will the ballot be conducted on domicile basis?

Not at the current stage, the form asks you about your current city of residence and the location you desire to have a house under this programme.

  1. Can I submit the form and processing fee online?

The government has so far not arranged for a mechanism to apply online. But if you are living abroad, you can send your form via email and someone here, who can submit the form on your behalf.

  1. Can someone else submit a form on my behalf?

Yes, just fill in the form by meeting all the requirements and hand over the envelope to someone you trust for submitting the form.

  1. Can I apply for a home in more than one district to increase my chances of getting a house?

This is not a regular application process invited by a developer of some real estate project. The process is meant to ascertain the needs of people and attend to them accordingly. We should act responsibly towards the programme and submit only one application per family.

  1. Can a house allocated under NPHP be used for rental income?

No, the Naya Pakistan Housing Programme is not for investors to generate additional income; it’s to give affordable houses to the deserving. The model followed for the programme will bar owners from renting out the property.

  1. Can those having BPS-17 or above apply?

Not yet. Currently, applications from employees having BPS 1-16 have been invited. As and when Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation will invite applications from those in higher grades are asked to apply, sarfraz Hamid Properties News will keep you posted!

If you have any specific questions to add to the list, let us know through your comments and we will add it here.

Stay tuned!