Gwadar is the city of great opportunities with respect to real estate investment. Since start of CPEC project and also in the current year, it has become obvious that this city is going to be a master of all investment opportunities. Those investing in real estate of Gwadar now will earn huge profits in future. This is because of the project of CPEC that will soon be completed. Currently prices of properties are not much higher but in a few future years this may double and near to completion of CPEC this would have increased multiple folds. So make a wise decision by considering the smartest investment choices in the city of Gwadar. Believe me you will not repent if you make an investment now. Following are the areas that are hot favorite and highly recommended for investment. These areas are expected to be highly valuable with increasing property prices.



This is a residential society that is spread over thousand acres. This is a project from Hashwani group. Located at the city`s western end, this is a highly prominent project. Its location is such that it overlook west bay of the city Gwadar. There are quality amenities with a luxurious lifestyle promising for catering to needs of city residents in the future. There are 4 zones of this scheme that are named after 4 palm families.

  • Salacca
  • Areca
  • Scheeelea
  • Orania


It is the area that is solely declared for commercial properties. There are areas for high buildings, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants. It is also an ideal location for commercial offices opening. Those considering investing in Gwadar must never forget marine drive. Currently prices are 50-200 lacs per canal as per location of the commercial property but this will increase in future.


This is another type of investment which you can make in the city of Gwadar. This is also highly recommended. Purchase of open land is good because it can be later on used for multiple purposes depending upon location. For example if its location is near main road like Marine Drive & coastal highways, it can be converted to storage houses & warehouses. This plan is great because with the development of port, areas of storage spaces will be highly required. You can also build to convert this open land to a commercial or residential property and get benefit from sale or rentals whatever you consider appropriate. Raw land can be used for multiple purposes and its appearance can be altered accordingly as per needs. An alternative is to invest in the raw land at little bit far location from port. At that location, land is comparatively cheap right now even at 2-3 lacs per acre. This raw land can be converted to a residential society covering about 200 acres. For long players who want to apply their ideas in the future, this is the right time to invest at a low price as this will lead to increase of multiple percentages in the future.