4 Reasons To Invest in DHA Multan Files

The hype is all about DHA Multan files and seems like every one is interested to invest as the master plan balloting is expected to happen in 2019. A lot of people are asking questions why we consider DHA Multan as one of the best investments in entire Pakistan as of now and our reasons are actually very simple and logical and we will try to address them in this blog post. No we are not going to talk about the golf courses or the amenities but we are going to address the four main reasons which are motivating investors to join in the band wagon in droves.

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Reason No 1 : Non filers can invest

The governments Decision to invest in real estate below 5 Million DC / FBR rate has shrunk the volume of transactions and is one of the root causes of present dip. Non filers in Pakistan make a huge number of wealthy people who invest into real estate and since non filers can not invest in property which has a DC / FBR Value of more than 5 Million. This leaves not many options on the table and therefore it makes a lot of sense to invest in files of Defence housing projects such as DHA Multan which are below the 5 Million mark.

The prices of residential plots in DHA Lahore specially those which are above the 5 Million DC / FBR rate mark have actually not shown any growth since 2016 and implementation of this policy by the Government.

Reason No 2 : The time is ripe

I have always tried to educate our readers that timing is the most important real estate factor when you are planning to invest. In my opinion DHA Multan is all set for a big boom in 2020 and the present price of DHA Multan file will eventually give you the maximum returns on your investment.

In addition there is no other investment in the price range which is expected to deliver earlier than DHA Multan files.

Reason No 3 : The price is optimum

The price of DHA Multan files have been trading between 43 to 50 Lacs for a couple of years now. This means that 1 Marla costs around 2.25 Lacs in case of a 1 Kanal file which is very lucrative in contrast DHA Rahber or Phase 7 file of 5 Marla in Lahore costs 6 Lacs per Marla and even 1 Kanal plot where you can expect development and possession in couple of years is also approx 5 to 6 Lacs per Marla in 9 prism or Phase 7.

You can also compare it with developed areas around DHA Multan where per Marla price is between 6 to 8 Lacs. Although we can argue that the development charges are yet to be added, but 2.25 Lacs per Marla is still a good bargain for a 1 Kanal plot in a place like DHA with modern infrastructure, amenities, safety and so much more.

One most important fact is that even if we take into account the development charges the per Marla cost only rises up to 3.30 Lacs and in my opinion after development & possession in 3 to 5 years  the average plot will be around 8 Lacs per Marla and can probably go even higher for better location plots as prices in DHA have always risen above the other societies.

Reason No 4 : DHA Peshawar legacy

A lot of investors were previously reluctant to invest in Defence Housing Authority in other cities besides Lahore but the 90% growth of DHA Peshawar in the year 2018 after balloting has broken that myth and has given a lot of confidence to people who were not willing to invest earlier in DHA Multan or Gujranwala.

However this is not the first time that prices rise by 50 to 100 % in couple of years after balloting as we also saw the prices of 9 Prism following the same cycle and rise by leaps and bounds after its balloting.

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Contributed by:

Sarfraz Hussain