DHA Phase 9 Town

In current price ranges of possession plots among all phases of DHA Phase 9 Town is the best buy for genuine buyers with a lower budget. Possession plots are available here now at a much lower rate as compared to its surroundings.  The good affordable options here already had started attracting the end users and builders from past couple of months.


DHA Phase 9 Town is located on a prime location on Bedian Road, it connects with Phase 9 Prism, Askari XI and Phase 6 from three sides. The main entrance of Society connects with D and E Block of Phase 6 on Bedian road. Currently, Government has a plan for the expansion of Bedian Road about 200 ft wide, when this will be completed then Phase 9 Town will be more easily accessible from Airport and Cantt through Bhatta Chowk.

Project Details:

This phase has divided into five blocks A, B, C, D and E with plot sizes of 5-Marla, 8-Marla and 10-Marla. The road structure here is of 30ft, 40ft, 50ft, 100ft and 120ft. Majority of the plots here were allotted to serving and retired army officials. Currently, DHA is in process of acquiring more land in surroundings of B and D block so further extensions of these blocks are expected in near future.

Possession Status:

All blocks had granted possession except E-Block which currently under development stage.

Investment Preference:

Although this whole phase is best for medium-term investment, all sizes of the plot are recommended here. Recently more than 200 site plans had been approved from DHA office for home construction. But currently Blocks A and C must be on your high priority as both of these blocks are on the main entrance and currently, many numbers of homes are under construction in these two blocks. One major factor that will lift up prices here in near future is the price difference of possession plots in Phase 6 and Phase 9 Town, if you see the 5 Marla possession plot in D Block of Phase 6 now which is currently at 90+ Lacs and here in 9 Town is near to 48 Lacs. So, expected gain here will be minimum 1 to 2 Million in next 1.5 years. Transfer Cost of 5-Marla, 8-Marla and 10-Marla is around 1.23 Lacs, 1.65 Lacs and 2.02 Lacs.

Below are the price ranges of plots:
5-Marla: 55 To 80 Lacs
8-Marla: 70 To 95 Lacs
10-Marla: 105 To 135 Lacs


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