How to Apply | FAQ’s


    1. All applicants will upload one passport size photograph and copy of Computerized National Identity Card / Overseas National Identity Card.
    2. Acceptance of applications is subject to approval by DHA Lahore. The Authority may accept or reject any application without assigning any reason for all categories.
    3. The plots offered under “DHA Lahore Ballot” Scheme consist of plots having regular dimensions as well as irregular dimensions with some excess / short area as per plot sketch available on DHA’s website. The offer price for each plot has been adjusted accordingly.
    4. Successful applicants will be required to fulfill requirements of registration with DHA Lahore for each allotted plot.
    5. The applicant shall faithfully comply with all relevant bye laws and regulations of allotment / purchase of immovable property in DHA.
    6. Application from companies / firms will also be accepted through their nominees subject to fulfillment of DHA’s Bye Laws / Regulations.
    7. An applicant can apply for any number of plots subject to payment of processing fee for each plot separately.
    8. Last date for submission of applications is 05 October 2020.
    9. List of plots along with prices, area, location and plot sketch are available on DHA’s website.
    10. Two lists of plots shall be generated through ballot being successful and reserve allottee.
    11. Allotment Criteria:
      1. The allotment of plot to successful applicants will be subject to payment of 15% of total price to be paid within 30 days of ballot result announced on DHA Website failing which allotment shall be treated as cancelled.
      2. In such case, reserve allottee shall be informed to pay 15% amount within next 30 days.
      3. Payment of 15% amount shall be made through Pay Order / Demand Draft in favor of “DHA Lahore”.
    12. Balance amount of plot is payable in 12 x quarterly installments (excluding already paid price) as per given timelines which will be mentioned on intimation letter.
    13. If an allottee fails to pay 3 consecutive installments of plot within the given timelines, allotment shall be liable for cancellation and reserve allottee shall be given a chance for allotment.
    14. In case of cancellation, amount will be refunded after deduction @ 10% of paid amount.
    15. Discount: will be offered on lump sum payment (excluding down payment) by successful applicants as follows:
      1. On lump sum payment of 10 – 11 Installments 7%
      2. On lump sum payment of 8 – 9 Installments 5%
        Note: Installment paid at least one quarter (i.e. 90 days) in advance will qualify for discount criteria.
    16. Defer Payment PolicyTransfer of plot will be allowed on payment of current dues (including installment due within 45 days of transfer) and remaining dues will be paid by the subsequent owner.
    17. Payment Instructions for Ballot:
      1. Online payment may be made through Credit / Debit card on DHA’s web portal or Cash / Pay order / Demand draft in favor of DHA Lahore Ballot may be deposited with all branches of following banks:
        1. Allied Bank Limited
        2. Askari Bank Limited
        3. Bank Al Habib Limited
        4. Faysal Bank Limited
        5. Habib Bank Limited
        6. MCB Bank Limited
        7. Meezan Bank Limited
      2. In case of payment through designated branches of banks, scanned copy of deposit slip will be uploaded on DHA’s website alongwith photographs and copy of CNIC / NICOP.
      3. Amount required to be paid along with each application as Processing Fee (non-refundable) is as under:
  1. Application forms having incorrect information, without payment of specified amount or deposit slip not uploaded on DHA’s website will not be entertained.


Q. How can I apply?
A. Applications can be submitted online via

Q. There are red stars displayed within my application form, what do these mean?
A. All fields with red stars are mandatory and application form cannot be submitted if any of them is left blank.

Q. Which documents will be required at the time of form submission?
A. Softcopy of applicants photograph and CNIC (both sides) will be required at the time of form submission.

Q. What document formats can be uploaded?
A. You can upload picture/image in JPG, JPEG and PNG formats. Please note that size should not exceed 500Kb. Picture/Image larger than 500Kb will not be accepted by the system.

Q. What is the last date of application submission?
A. Last Date of Application is Monday, October 05, 2020.

Q. What is the Application Processing Fee?
A. Amount required to be paid along with each application as Processing Fee (non-refundable) is as under:

  (1) Residential Plot Categories:
    a. 32 x Marla / 2 x Kanal Rs. 30,000
    b. 1 x Kanal Rs. 15,000
    c. 10 x Marla Rs. 10,000
    d. Upto 07 x Marla Rs. 5,000
  (2) Commercial Plot Categories:
    a. 80 x Marla Rs. 150,000
    c. 48 x Marla Rs. 60,000
    d. 16 x Marla Rs. 40,000
    e. 06 / 08 x Marla Rs. 25,000
    f. Upto 4 x Marla Rs. 15,000

Q. Is it necessary to attach the Bank Deposit Slip after submitting the dues in the bank?
A. In case of payment through cash / bank draft into designated Banks, it is mandatory to upload Bank Deposit Receipt duly endorsed / stamped by bank officials at DHA website otherwise application shall stand rejected.