Cholistan is one of the largest deserts of Pakistan, spanning over 16,000 square kilometres. A number of prominent historical landmarks, which include places like Derawar Fort, Derawar Mosque and Noor Mahal, are found near the desert. Along visiting these noteworthy ancient buildings, there are many other fun things you can do upon your trip to the Cholistan Desert. For instance, if you are a motorsport fan, then you can also attend the very exciting Cholistan Jeep Rally 2020, which is going to be held this February. So, let’s get to know more about this event of desert racing in Pakistan.

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The Cholistan Desert Rally is often known as the Cholistan Jeep Rally. However, the word “Jeep” has nothing to do with the international vehicle brand. This motorsport event is neither sponsored by Jeep, nor the rally is specified for Jeep vehicles only. In fact, in Pakistan, people often use the word “Jeep” to denote off-road vehicles and SUVs.

The event has been organised by the Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab for the past 15 years. Over 100 racers from all over the country participate in this event of desert racing in Pakistan and the number of participants grows each year. Derawar Fort, which is about 45 kilometres away from the racing track, serves as the camp office for the racing event.

During the rally, the vehicles cover a distance of over 220-kilometre racing track in the arid desert region. It’s an annual event that lasts for two to three days. This year Cholistan Jeep Rally is going to be held from 13th till 16th of February. The event will be concluded with a closing ceremony where the winner and runners up of the event will be awarded a trophy, cash prizes, and different types of souvenirs. Now, let’s find out more about the history of the Cholistan Desert.


Organised annually from 2005, this off-road racing event has been widely covered by many national and international electronic media houses. Female drivers also participated in the Cholistan Jeep Rally in 2014 and showed off their off-road racing skills. The authorities behind this event of desert racing in Pakistan have plans to upgrade it to international standards, inviting foreign tourists to attend the rally. Now let’s discover more about the rally champions by having a quick look at the list of winners of the Cholistan Jeep Rally over the last five years.


So, who have been the winners of the Cholistan Desert Rally over the past few years? Let’s find out more about the past champions of this desert racing event.

Winners Event Edition Year
Nadir Magsi 10th 2015
Shahibzada Sultan 11th 2016
Nadir Magsi 12th 2017
Nadir Magsi 13th 2018
Nadir Magsi 14th 2019

Note: Upon taking a look at the above-given table, one thing is pretty clear that Nadir Magsi, a very famous politician and one of the desert racing professionals in Pakistan, has remained an unbeaten champion of this desert racing event most of the time. He was also crowned with the title of the winner of the Thar Desert Rally, which was arranged back in 2012.


The following are the stakeholders that collaborate with TDCP for the organisation of the Cholistan Jeep Rally.

  • Houbara Foundation International Pakistan
  • Cholistan Development Authority
  • Pakistan Army (for security purposes)
  • Punjab Rangers (for security purposes)
  • Punjab Wildlife Department
  • Toyota Indus Motor (sponsors for vehicular inspection)
  • Bahawalpur 4 wheel club (for hosting)
  • Motor Sports Club Pakistan
  • Toyota Highway Motors (sponsors for vehicular inspection)
  • Bahawalpur 4×4 Club
  • Punjab Motor Racing Club
  • Local Government
  • Bahawalpur Police (for security purposes)
  • Print and Electronic media
  • Auto Racing Club Pakistan
  • Lahore 4 Wheel Drive Club


Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP) is an authority governed by the provincial government, the purpose of which is to promote tourism in the region. The authority organises various infotainment activities throughout the province to bring the local heritage and culture at the forefront.