Plot Transfer Expenses 2016-17 – Buyer

Plot Transfer Fee DHA Lahore

There are few elements in DHA Lahore plot/property transfer charges you need to understand.

DHA Charges to be Paid by Buyer

  • Transfer Fee, vary plot size wise
  • Membership Form, fix Rs:350/-
  • Membership Fee, fix Rs:37,000/-

Govt Taxes/Duties to be Paid by Buyer

  • CVT (Capital Value Tax) 2% applicable on total DC value minimum  (same for tax payer/non tax payer)
  • Stamp Duty 3% applicable on total DC value minimum (same for tax payer/non tax payer)
  • Advance Tax on total FBR Value of property, 2% for tax payer, 4% for non tax payer

Other Charges to be Paid by Buyer

  •  Other charges may occur from Rs:3000 to 5000, that may include stamp  paper issuance, agreement to sell etc
  • Dealer Commission
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Transfer Fee DHA Lahore

Plot Size & TypePhase 1 List
5 Marla Residential Phase 1phase-1-05-marla-transfer-charges-dha-lahore
7 Marla Residential Phase 1phase-1-07-marla-transfer-charges-dha-lahore
10 Marla Residential Phase 1phase-1-10-marla-transfer-charges-dha-lahore
1 Kanal Residential Phase 1phase-1-01-kanal-transfer-charges-dha-lahore
2 Kanal Residential Phase 1phase-1-02-kanal-transfer-charges-dha-lahore
4 Marla Commercial Phase 1phase-1-04-marla-commercial-transfer-charges-dha-lahore
6 Marla Commercial Phase 1phase-1-06-marla-commercial-transfer-charges-dha-lahore
7 Marla Commercial Phase 1phase-1-07-marla-commercial-transfer-charges-dha-lahore
8 Marla Commercial Phase 1phase-1-08-marla-commercial-transfer-charges-dha-lahore

Plot Size & TypePhase 2 List
5 Marla Residential Phase 25-marla-phase-2-dha-lahore
7 Marla Residential Phase 27-marla-phase-2-dha-lahore
10 Marla Residential Phase 210-marla-phase-2-dha-lahore
1 Kanal Residential Phase 21-kanal-phase-2-dha-lahore
2 Kanal Residential Phase 22-kanal-phase-2-dha-lahore
4 Marla Commercial Phase 24-marla-commercial-phase-2-dha-lahore
6 Marla Commercial Phase 26-marla-commercial-phase-2-dha-lahore
8 Marla Commercial Phase 28-marla-commercial-phase-2-dha-lahore

Plot Size & TypePhase 3 List
5 Marla Residential Phase 35-marla-residential-phase-3-dha-lahore
7 Marla Residential Phase 37-marla-residential-phase-3-dha-lahore
10 Marla Residential Phase 310-marla-residential-phase-3-dha-lahore
1 Kanal Residential Phase 31-kanal-residential-phase-3-dha-lahore
2 Kanal Residential Phase 32-kanal-residential-phase-3-dha-lahore
4 Marla Commercial Phase 34-marla-commercial-phase-3-dha-lahore
6 Marla Commercial Phase 36-marla-commercial-phase-3-dha-lahore
7 Marla Commercial Phase 37-marla-commercial-phase-3-dha-lahore
8 Marla Commercial Phase 38-marla-commercial-phase-3-dha-lahore

Plot Size & TypePhase 3 YZ Block List
5 Marla Residential Phase 3 YZ Block5-marla-residential-phase-3-yz-block-dha-lahore
7 Marla Residential Phase 3 YZ Block7-marla-residential-phase-3-yz-block-dha-lahore
10 Marla Residential Phase 3 YZ Block10-marla-commercial-phase-3-yz-block-dha-lahore
1 Kanal Residential Phase 3 YZ Block1-kanal-residential-phase-3-yz-block-dha-lahore
2 Kanal Residential Phase 3 YZ Block2-kanal-residential-phase-3-yz-block-dha-lahore
4 Marla Commercial Phase 3 YZ Block4-marla-commercial-phase-3-yz-block-dha-lahore
6 Marla Commercial Phase 3 YZ Block6-marla-commercial-phase-3-yz-block-dha-lahore
7 Marla Commercial Phase 3 YZ Block7-marla-commercial-phase-3-yz-block-dha-lahore
8 Marla Commercial Phase 3 YZ Block8-marla-commercial-phase-3-yz-block-dha-lahore

Plot Size & TypePhase 4 List
5 Marla Residential Phase 45-marla-residential-phase-4-dha-lahore
10 Marla Residential Phase 410-marla-residential-phase-4-dha-lahore
1 Kanal Residential Phase 41-kanal-residential-phase-4-dha-lahore
4 Marla Commercial Phase 44-marla-commercial-phase-dha-lahore
6 Marla Commercial Phase 46-marla-commercial-phase-dha-lahore
8 Marla Commercial Phase 48-marla-commercial-phase4-dha-lahore

Plot Size & TypePhase 5 List
5 Marla Residential Phase 55-marla-residential-phase-5-dha-lahore
10 Marla Residential Phase 510-marla-residential-phase-5-dha-lahore
1 Kanal Residential Phase 51-kanal-residential-phase-5-dha-lahore
2 Kanal Residential Phase 52-kanal-residential-phase-5-dha-lahore
4 Marla Commercial Phase 54-marla-commercial-phase-5-dha-lahore
6 Marla Commercial Phase 56-marla-commercial-phase-5-dha-lahore
8 Marla Commercial Phase 58-marla-commercial-phase-5-dha-lahore

Plot Size & TypePhase 6 List
5 Marla Residential Phase 65-marla-residential-phase-6-dha-lahore
7 Marla Residential Phase 67-marla-residential-phase-6-dha-lahore
10 Marla Residential Phase 610-marla-residential-phase-6-dha-lahore
1 Kanal Residential Phase 61-kanal-residential-phase-6-dha-lahore
2 Kanal Residential Phase 62-kanal-residential-phase-6-dha-lahore
4 Marla Commercial Phase 64-marla-commercial-phase-6-dha-lahore
6 Marla Commercial Phase 66-marla-commercial-phase-6-dha-lahore
8 Marla Commercial Phase 68-marla-commercial-phase-6-dha-lahore

Plot Size & TypePhase 7 List
5 Marla Residential Phase 75-marla-residential-phase-7-dha-lahore
10 Marla Residential Phase 710-marla-residential-phase-7-dha-lahore
1 Kanal Residential Phase 71-kanal-residential-phase-7-dha-lahore
2 Kanal Residential Phase 72-kanal-residential-phase-7-dha-lahore
4 Marla Commercial Phase 74-marla-commercial-phase-7-dha-lahore
6 Marla Commercial Phase 76-marla-commercial-phase-7-dha-lahore
8 Marla Commercial Phase 78-marla-commercial-phase-7-dha-lahore

Plot Size & TypePhase 8 List
5 Marla Residential Phase 85-marla-residential-phase-8-dha-lahore
8 Marla Residential Phase 88-marla-residential-phase-8-dha-lahore
10 Marla Residential Phase 810-marla-residential-phase-8-dha-lahore
1 Kanal Residential Phase 81-kanal-residential-phase-8-dha-lahore
2 Kanal Residential Phase 82-kanal-residential-phase-8-dha-lahore
4 Marla Commercial Phase 84-marla-commercial-phase-8-dha-lahore
6 Marla Commercial Phase 86-marla-commercial-phase-8-dha-lahore
8 Marla Commercial Phase 88-marla-commercial-phase-8-dha-lahore
30 Marla Commercial Phase 830-marla-commercial-phase-8-dha-lahore

Plot Size & TypePhase 9-10 List
5 Marla Residential Phase 9/105-marla-residential-phase-9-dha-lahore
10 Marla Residential Phase 9/1010-marla-residential-phase-9-dha-lahore
1 Kanal Residential Phase 9/101-kanal-residential-phase-9-dha-lahore
4 Marla Commercial Phase 9/104-marla-commercial-phase-9-dha-lahore
6 Marla Commercial Phase 9/106-marla-commercial-phase-9-dha-lahore
8 Marla Commercial Phase 9/108-marla-commercial-phase-9-dha-lahore